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April 22, 2020 Philipp J. Conrad

An Introduction to Places We Have Been To

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Hello and welcome to the new Places We Have Been Towebsite. In times like these, where we are not able to travel we might need some reminders of how beautiful this world is and what it has on offer for us.

This website is home to our (that's my wife and me) personal collection of illustrations showing the Places We Have Been To together. Since we thoroughly enjoy travelling and I enjoy everything design, this is the perfect mixture of things coming together. You can read more about the project's background in the project section.

  • The statue of Friedrich Rückert in front of the town hall of Schweinfurt, Germany.


    Place Germany · Bavaria
    Year 2019

    Schweinfurt, a small port city in Unterfranken, is at least 2100 years old. In the wake of the German reunification, the city gained centrality in the country and became an important location for the industry. It is now nicknamed the “world-capital for ball bearings” and has the highest job density in Germany.

    I very much hope you'll enjoy your digital trip,