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Schloss Muskau in Muskau Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Bad Muskau, Saxony.
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Philipp J. Conrad

Prince Pückler’s Gardens

Prince Hermann von Pückler-Muskau was a German nobleman, author, bon vivant, world traveller and garden designer. His interest in gardens and landscape design was aroused as a young man. Pückler, who is considered to be the most important Prussian garden artist, designed three large landscape parks, in the course of his life:

The Brandenburg Gate with the Siegessäule in the Background in Berlin.
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Philipp J. Conrad

Five of our favourite places in Germany

Unfortunately, the global pandemic doesn't allow us to travel around as much as we would like right now. Hotels are closed, and museums and castles don't open doors to visitors. All this deprives us of the fun and joy of travelling.

The statue of Friedrich Rückert in front of the town hall of Schweinfurt, Germany.
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Philipp J. Conrad

Welcome to Places We Have Been To

Hello and welcome to the new website for Places We Have Been To. In times like these, where we are not able to travel we might need some reminders of how beautiful this world is and what it has to offer for us.